Important Things You Need To Look For In A Tote Bag – Before You Buy And As A Commuter

Totes Are The Best Bags If You’re A Commuter – Know What You Should Look For In A Tote As A Commuter & Rolling Tote Bags For Work And Travel

Know What To Look For In A Tote As A Commuter

 • July.03.2020

Tote bags are really useful for commuters as they carry a lot of [larger] items – tablets, books, laptops – when you’re making your way from point A to point B. During the spring/summer 2020 fashion season, large tote bags were a prominent trend on runways (check out Summer 2020 Top Trends), and continue for the fall 2020 season.

With that being said, tote bags can endure a lot of wear and tear carrying larger and/or heavier items, and that wear and tear only increases the more frequently you use your tote. 

Sure, thick strings are an obvious feature to be attracted to if your looking for long-term durability in a tote, but let’s dive deeper and take a look at the  strongest materials usually used for totes, and easiest materials to keep clean during a commute.

*For more information on fabric technology, check out University of Cambridge’s department of engineering material selection and fabric technology.

To step it up a notch when deciding which tote colors to go for, check out Color Intel For Fall/Winter 2020-2021 and Color Intel For Spring/Summer 2020.

Strongest Materials (Able To Carry The Most Weight)


See By Chloé Beth Tote ($401) $200

Marc Jacobs Traveler Tote ($235)


Marc Jacobs Tag Tote ($630)


Furla Luce Tote ($385)

VEE COLLECTIVE Quilted Tote ($284)

x Pop Tote Bag ($75)


Furla Floral Tote ($256) $205

LIU JO Pouch Tote ($274) $165

Materials Easiest To Keep Clean


Opening Ceremony Printed Tote ($154)

Nana-Nana Color Block Tote ($211)


Versace Jeans Couture Embellished Tote ($275) $201

Love Moschino Shopper Tote ($179)


Furla Geometric Tote ($224) $179

Ally Capellino Cycle Tote ($355) $178

4.Polyurethane (PU)/ Pleather

Tommy Hilfiger Logo Tote ($264) $198

Woolrich Patch Tote ($138)

Rolling Tote Bags For Work & Travel 

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