Know Before You Buy – Is A Smartwatch Right For You? Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch

A Know Before You Buy – Is A Smartwatch Right For You? Best Smartwatch For Fitness Tracking 

By D.E Team


A smartwatch combines fashion and functionality vs. a traditional watch’s time display. Know how a smartwatch can help you.


Most smartwatches are a smartphone accessory, rather than its own standalone device – this means they rely on a compatible smartphone to provide internet data over a Bluetooth connection. 

Now, with technology evolving each day, some smartwatches have a built-in SIM card – this means it’s a standalone device, and can receive internet data without a smartphone. Smartphone accessory or standalone device – both smartwatches are able to perform similar functions. Here are some ways a smartwatch can help you:

*Extra Reading Source: Does A Smartwatch Need A SIM Card? By Hocview

1.Recieve Quick, Important Reminders During Your Day 

This is a great way to not forget important appointments or tasks. The reminders can be on a set alarm, a reminder app, or even notifications from your email or social media. 

2.Forgot Your Wallet? A Smartwatch Helps You Pay For Purchases

If your smartwatch has an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, you can pay for purchases with your watch using a payment app like Google Pay or Apple Pay. Simply find out if your smartwatch has the NFC chip before purchasing it. 


3.Helps You Maintain Health & Fitness Goals While You’re Working 

Most smartwatches come with a fitness app as a core feature, which can help you keep up with your fitness goals (a smartwatch can replace a pedometer).

With a fitness app you can count and monitor steps, heart rate, pulse, distance, calories, sleep metrics and more. 

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The Series 5 Apple Smartwatch is able to detect when you fall, and alert emergency contacts. Apple’s Electrocardiogram (ECG) app has been certified by the Food & Drug Administratio to detect heart rates and abnormalities. . 

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4.Make Calls & Answer Texts – Secret Agent Style

Smartwatches allow you to make phone calls (using the watch’s speaker and microphone or Bluetooth headphones), and send and receive text messages (talk-to-text or touchscreen keyboard typing). 

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5.Provides You With Entertainment (Music, YouTube, ect.)

Get your entertainment quick fix on your wrist – this includes YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music, social media and more.

6.You Can Use Your Mobile Apps & Get Quick Doses Of Info

Smartwatches have many functionality apps (similar to apps found on smartphones and tablets). These apps include displaying weather information, maps, GPS, stock price listings and more.

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