17 Amazing Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Can Wear To The Office – Invest In The Right Pieces

17 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends For The Office – Know The Best Place To Buy Women’s Suits  

 Fall 2020

By D.E Team

• August.22.2020

17 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Can Wear To The Office – Invest In The Right Pieces

Know the biggest trends for the fall 2020 fashion season from NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020-2021, and see how the latest fashion can be workwear wearable. 

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1) Voluminous Sleeves

Voluminous and puffy sleeves for blouses and knits are a rising trend for fall 2020 fashion.This 80s fashion sleeve style can be ruffled, flowy or structured.

2) Trench Coats

Trench coats are a traditional fall fashion staple, with longer length trench coats being prominent on fall 2020 runways. Trench coats are highly versatile, as they can be worn with conservative business formal outfits to more casual outfits. 

3) Plaid Patterns

Plaid patterns are another traditional fall staple dominating fall 2020 fashion. This 90s fashion pattern can be worn on business casual trousers to business professional pant suits or skirt suits. 

4) Skirt Suiting

Skirt suits were prominent on fall 2020 runways by many fashion designers – with longer, flowy skirts. This iconic business woman outfit is very in-style for fall. 

5) Long Column Dresses

Another in style fall trend are long, straight column dresses – this includes long sleeves, turtleneck necklines, and below-the-knee helms. This trend leans more toward business casual attire. 

6) Sweater Vest

The 90s style sweater vest trend comes in many forms – from traditional to contemporary. 

7) Capes & Ponchos

Capes and ponchos are a fall 2020 trend that offers you extra lawyer of warmth. 

Faux Fur Trim Poncho – Saks Fifth Avenue ($112) $70

8) Colored Leather Booties

If you’re tired of black footwear, colored leather booties are a great in style fall 2020 trend for you. 

9) Over The Knee Boots

The fall fashion trend for over-the-knee boots calls for boots that are really tight, or come with a little slouch. 

10) Wrinkled Shaft Boots

Fall 2020 slouchy shaft boots are usually designed with a thin heel.

11) Chain Details

This fall 2020 chain detail trend can be styled on high heels, and boots.

12) Statement Bows

The statement bow trend for fall 2020 adds feminine flair to your outfit.

Bow Tie Heels By Proenza Schouler  ($1140) $399

13) Brogues

These can be great shoes for commuting. For the fall 2020 season, brogue shoes come in many styles – from loafers to lace-up oxfords. 

Fall 2020 Handbag Trends

14) Neat Totes

Tote bags are a fall fashion trend favourite for many!

15) Velvet/Plush

This plush and velvet fall trend adds a luxurious feel to handbags.

16) Quilted Textures

The fall 2020 quilted texture trend includes softness with extra plush. 

17) Geometric Colorblocks

Geometric colorblocks (from straight lines, blocks, and zigzags) were prominent on fall 2020 runways. .

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