TREND ALERT: Fall/Winter 2020-2021 – Skip The Plain Black Pants Or Jeans And Opt For Designer Print Pants

TREND ALERT: Fall/Winter 2020-2021 – Skip The Plain Black Pants Or Jeans And Opt For Designer Print Pants

By D.E Team


Mix up your bottoms with fall/winter 2020-2021 prints by some of your favorite designers. Get style inspo on prints, below, starting from trendy tartan to glam and florals. 

Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Prints



2.Geometric Stripes 



4.In The

Mid-Rise Skinny Sloan Pants ($124) By Banana Republic




Landscape-Print Pant ($2,300) By Oscar De La Renta



10.Silk Wide-Flare Prints 



11.Fall & Winter Floral Prints

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This Article May Be Your Game Changer – 5 Telltale Signs You May Be Suffering From Imposter Syndrome

This Article May Be Your Game Changer: 5 Telltale Signs You May Be Suffering From Imposter Syndrome 

By D.E Team



Imposter Syndrome As A Career Killer For Women

Both men and women can develop Imposter Syndrome; however, it is more prevalent in women. 

Imposter syndrome can come to light in high-achieving females when they start feeling psychologically uncomfortable with acknowledging their own role in their success.

Dr. Audrey Ervin, In NBS News, Explains How Imposter Syndrome Can Kill Your Career: “Impostor syndrome contributes to psychological distress, continued self-monitoring, increased self-doubt and persistent fears of failure…It can negatively impact careers because people may over produce to prove that they are capable. This can lead to burnout and ultimately be counterproductive. People may also miss opportunities because they do not feel worthy or capable, despite being quite competent. Impostor syndrome can negatively impact relationships when a family member prioritizes career success over time with families or children. Partners and families can suffer when someone spends too much time trying to prove themselves in a professional capacity to the detriment of their personal lives.”

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Do you always attribute your success to “luck” or “good timing”? Do you continually feel inferior in a room full of high achievers – especially when you’re a high-achiever yourself? Do you worry that at any minute your well-crafted disguise will fall apart and everyone will realize that you are a fraud? If these anxiety-inducing thoughts seem familiar then you may have imposter syndrome.

Definition From CHEST Medical Journal: “Imposter Syndrome (IS) is the feeling of fraudulence experienced by
successful individuals who believe that their
achievements are undeserved, despite
objective evidence to the contrary….

…Although people with IS are
successful, they consider themselves to be
frauds and attribute their success to external
factors, such as luck, rather than ability.
Based on the conviction that they are not
truly deserving of, or qualified for, the
success and achievements attributed to them,
they live in fear of being exposed as

LightField Studios

Here Are 5 Telltale Signs Of Imposter Syndrome

1. It’s Difficult For You To Accept Compliments & Praise For Your Accomlishments

Lisa Fotios

Women who brag about their accomplishments are usually judged harshly by their peers. This is due to the likeability bias which paints women as meek, mild and family focused. If you defy these norms you are seen as problematic and undesirable.

Bragging in men is acceptable and seen as a strength. This often gives way to men over estimating their abilities, but succeeding more often in a work environment.

With imposter syndrome, being unable to own your achievements makes it difficult to progress in your career. People who downplay or dismiss their accomplishments are seen as less competent than other who actively promote themselves.

2. You've Been Labeled A “Perfectionist”

Perfectionism lays the foundation for imposter syndrome. Those labeled as perfectionists often compare themselves to others. If they are surrounded by higher achievers the pressure to be perfect increases.

Self-doubt begins to form when they feel like they cannot live up to the standards they set for themselves. This can lead to them feel less accomplished then their colleagues.

Furthermore, failing adds on to their anxiety, putting them under pressure to be perfect at all times. Any failure convinces them further that they are faking it, succumbing to their imposter syndrome.

Suzy Hazelwood

3. You Over Work, Or Have Been Accused Of Being A “Workaholic”

People with imposter syndrome work harder because they feel like they have to measure up to other employees or certain goals. They take on longer hours and extra tasks to end any feelings of inadequacy.

Working harder helps people alleviate the panic, anxiety and stress generated from their self-doubt. It helps project a mask of competency and confidence that prevents people from seeing your fear of failure.

4. Fear Of Failure

Having a fear of failure means worrying that your are incapable of living up to certain expectations. This can result in an anxiety and worry.

Most people are able to get over their initial nerves when they start a new job, but some people always carry this fear with them. No amount of external praise can vanquish their self doubt.

Having imposter syndrome means you have a fear of people finding out you’re an “imposter” or a “fraud”, which could lead to a fear failure because failure can lead to people finding out you’re an “imposter” or “fraud”.

*Source: Check This Link Here On Katherine Hawley Ph.D Discussing Fear Of Failure And Imposter Syndrome In Psychology Today

Tima Miroshniche

5.Or The Opposite...Fear Of Success

Do you often find yourself under-performing in your chosen career path? People can fear success when they don’t think they can handle the conequences (ex. being “found out” by people and labeled as a “fraud” with imposter syndrome), or don’t think they

*Source: Check This Link Here On Valerie Young, Ed.D Discussing Imposter Syndrome And Fear Of Success 

August de Richelieu

Next Steps

Don’t let impostor syndrome hold you, or anyone around you, back. According to Medical News Today’s, Jayne Leonard, and Jennifer Litner, LMFT, CST : “There is currently no specific treatment for impostor syndrome, but people can seek help from a mental health professional if they have concerns about its impact on their life.”

Making adjustnments such as negative-to-positive thinking or overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure can help reduce anxiety associated with imposter syndrome, and slowly overcomming imposter syndrome cycles.

Arman Novic
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Quarantine In M.M LaFleur’s Fall 2020 “Power-Casual” Line & Discover The Fashion Brand’s Political Program For Voters & Women In Politics 

Quarantine In M.M LaFleur’s “Power-Casual” Fall 2020 Line & Discover The Fashion Brand’s Political Program For Voters & Women In Politics 

By D.E Team


M.M.LaFleur, a clothing brand launched by Sarah LaFleur and Miyako Nakamura in 2011, provides minimalistic yet stylish work apparel that is both fashionable and comfortable – from simple fitted dresses, cute shoes, beautiful blouses, and graceful skirts, M.M. LaFleur pretty much has everything a woman would need for a day at the office.

M.M LaFleur's Power-Casual "Ready To Rally" Fall 2020 Line: Quarantine & Working From Home In Comfort

In their fall 2020 collection named “Ready To Rally”, M.M LaFleur presents the idea of staying both comfortable and stylish while being a part of the political rallies.

With the quarantine circumstances that we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home in plush terry and cashmere, along with the brand’s trademark material “Worth Fabric” –  there is no doubt that no women would not be comfortable while working in these pieces. Click here to view the “Ready To Rally” collection. 

If you think that M.M. LaFleur is already a wonderful shop with ethical morals, there is more!

M.M LaFleur's "Ready To Run" Program: Free Styling & Clothing Rentals For Women Running For Office

As reported by Forbes, M.M. LaFleur has started a free styling and clothing rental program, called “Ready To Run”, for women in politics and running for office.

M.M LaFleur didn’t stop at only giving women in politics a hand, but voters as well. If you can prove to M.M LaFleur that you’ve voted – via instragram or email – you receive a 50% off promo code that can be applied to your next order. You can click here to get more program info. 

M.M LaFleur's "Ready To Vote" Fall 2020 Program: You Receive 50% Off Your Order When You Vote

The M.M. LaFleur clothing brand is both for the average professional woman working at her office or home, and the woman in politics behind a podium who are fighting so hard for what they believe in. 

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Super Stylish [And Not Boring] Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Pencil Skirt Styles For You To Try Out

Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Super Stylish [Not Boring] Pencil Skirts For You To Try 

By D.E Team


Whether for work or casual wear, the pencil skirt offers the wearer a stylish and refined look. Discover trending designer styles for the fall/winter 2020-2021 season. 


Tartan Print Button Detail Pencil Skirt By MELANIE LYNE ($108)







Shyla Belted Pencil Skirt By EVER NEW ($49)

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Promo List – Don’t Pay Full Price – HUGE Women’s Designer Fashion & Beauty

Promo List

Navigate Brand Name Promotions Below – Updated Daily – Click On Promo Button To Lead To Promotional Offer 

Apparel October 28th – November 4th

Beauty & Cosmetics    October 28th –  November 4th

Tech & Tech Accessories    October 28th – November 4th

Tech & Tech Accessories Coming in November 2020

Skirt Suits: The Professional Attire That Became A Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Runway Trend – How To Style & Where To Buy A Skirt Suit

Skirt Suits: The Professional Attire That Became A Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Runway Trend

How To Style & Where To Buy Your Skirt Suit

For Women Who Like To Balance Work & Style

By F.Cretes


Fall/winter 2020-2021 runway collections by famous brands such as Chanel and Armani prove that skirt suits have become more than just professional attire worn to the office, but also evening and casual wear – making room for flexibility and versatility, and many different fabrics and print options. See some popular styles from brand name labels for this season, below. 


*Visit the fall/winter 2020-2021 Chanel gallery here, or the fall/winter 2020-2021 Armani gallery here 


What started as females wearing men’s suits to look appropriate for the workplace environment is not just a popular fashion trend particular for women. It represents their authority, strength, and the ability to empower and inspire.


You can manipulate a skirt suit to dress up for formal occasions and events as well as dress them down for more casual meetups and social gatherings.

Flowy and pleated skirts have made their way into this fashion concept to add more of a casual touch to the outfit while maintaining the suit’s workplace vibe. You can wear these sophisticated outfits, and skirt suits with boots to the less formal, business-casual gatherings.


Moreover, tweed fabric in skirt suiting made their way into trendy casual wardrobes. The tweed fabric looks stunningly chic yet appropriate for casual meetups and daytime brunches – making the skirt suit great for work, an interview or even a party. 


Skirt suits with long jackets, large blazers, shorter skirts, see-through leggings, knee-high-boots, and dark, chic colors are the new way to go for an evening outdoors. Body-hugging skirts and tops with oversized blazers and jackets look like the perfect combination of composed but party-ready.

While some might disagree, women with an overall sophisticated aesthetic style in terms of their wardrobe will love this new trendy way to wear suits even out of the office.


In the modern world, all kinds of norms are being challenged, and it looks like while there are changing standards of skirt suits in the fashion industry, classic, conservative skirt suits are still popular among fashion designers.


For years, the traditional pencil skirt or skirt suit ensemble has evolved to become more stylish and less boring. Today, a classic skirt suit looks as professional as anything while maintaining the style component. 

The fall/winter 2020-2021 skirt suit trend are for women who like to maintain and balance style while being in a workplace – see the various styling trends below.  

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With this recent trend, and what's expected in the market for winter 2021, it looks like skirt suits are evolving more than ever and it seems like it's happening for the best!

Show Your Laptop Some Lovin’! Are Laptop Sleeves Worth It? Where To Buy Your Laptop Sleeves

Show Your Laptop Some Lovin’! Are Laptop Sleeves Worth It? Where To Buy Laptop Sleeves

By Jen Strong


With the laptop bag market seeing impressive growth (visit Adify Media and 360 Research Reports for more info), fashion designers and many trendy tech accessory companies have been selling laptop sleeves and bags for various models of laptops – many come in bright colors, striking patterns, and other stylish designs to fit your taste. 

Users may enjoy several advantages if they decide to get a sleeve or bag for a laptop. See what’s in store from the most popular, and trendiest laptop accessory brands – this includes laptop sleeves for macbook air, with handles, pockets, and storage. 

Once The Damage Is Done - There May Be No Going Back


Dust, moisture, and shock shorten the service life of a laptop. Dust might make the keys malfunction when it accumulates underneath. Moisture might cause the components to wear and damage the LCD.

Lastly, shock due to dropping, improper handling, or bad inner padding and lining might damage core components such as the CPU, GPU, etc. and make a laptop run slower.

*For more laptop sleeve benefits information, visit this link from NetbookNews. 

Portable & Presentable

Portability is extremely important for professionals. Instead of storing a laptop in a bulky bag, it’s more practical to use a laptop sleeve or bag with lots of pockets to carry additional things such as pens, notepads, and phones. Doing so helps them look more presentable at the office.

Where To Find These Uber Stylish + Quality Laptop Sleeves?

Why not try the sleeves here? They’re made with appearance and functionality in mind. Check them out because they’re very handy items that anyone will surely love to have.

In comparison, laptop briefcase bags make it more convenient to carry a laptop from one place to the next with their handles. 

With the rising sales of laptop sleeves and bags, it will be interesting for you to see what new designs will continue to be manufactured this upcomming year. 

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This List Will Help You Find Hundreds Of Women’s Business Associations To Connect With

Women’s Business Associations In Canada & The U.S 

Search and discover hundreds of women’s business associations to help you connect with other women in business, law, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship and S.T.E.M fields 



More Networking Groups Added Below!

  1. – Simply type in your city and type of field you are in/event/groups you are looking for.
  2. – Search an event or cause in your area.
  3. – You can find an entire section here dedicated to professional associations.
  4. – Find a networking group here (all over the world).
  5. – This platform helps those in finance and investing network. 
  6. – Ning has professional social platforms, however there is a membership fee (Ning offers a 2-week free trial). 
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The Quick Mental Hacks You Should Learn To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk And Self-Sabotage

The Quick Mental Hacks You Should Learn To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk And Self-Sabotage

By M.Shines


That little voice in your head, have you heard it lately? You know, the one that tells you what you can’t do, the one that sees you behaving hopeful, but then clouds your mind with doubt. 

Unfortunately, you and this frenemy in your head begin your own symphonic cacophony – in response to these negative thoughts and feelings, you begin to speak to yourself in a similar negative tone.

Why is it so important to eliminate this negative self-talk? Because negative self-talk leads to self-sabotage and self-sabotage leads to failure and little to no success!

Anna Shvets

The Consequences Of Negative Self-Talk

After speaking so many negative things to ourselves, after hearing so many awful soul-killing thoughts, and after letting this drone on without any remedy – we often buy into these negative thoughts and beliefs. We become these things.

The human brain is brilliant, but it must be managed and properly nourished. A diet of negative self-talk and negative self-belief will actually make our brain better at having those thoughts. The concept is called neuroplasticity; our brain becomes better at what we task it to do over time.

Elisa Riva

Psychiatrists and neurologists have found that under these conditions, sufferers’ brains actually become more attuned to becoming high performance depression-creating machines.

These truths are not being told to put you down, but to show that you have more control over your experience, and to be mindful of what you feed yourself because your brain is collecting data and will morph itself into the best version of what you feed it.

5 Mental Hacks To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

1.Catch Yourself In The Act!

Step one to ending the cycle of negative self-talk and self-sabotage is to catch yourself in the act of being self-critical.

Yes, we should all be fully aware of who we are, what we are doing, our strong traits and our weak ones, but being overly self-critical will completely sink all your efforts. The goal here is to recognize when your self-critical thoughts and vocalizations are not serving you, but instead destroying.

Reymon Reymon

This is very easy to write down, it is easy to agree with while reading, but the real world and real-time application of catching yourself in the act takes a ton of work.

When things are mostly working out well, we can easily do this, but in the grips of high stress it is quite difficult to catch ourselves in the act and press the escape key.

2.Our Thoughts & Feelings Are Not Always Real

The stress we create, the imagery we conjure in our brains, our negative feelings and thoughts may be happening in real-time, but the event/belief itself sometimes is not happening to us when we practice negative self-talk. 

*Check out this link By Elizabeth Scott, MS and Amy Morin, LCSW on how to reduced negative self-talk by distinguishing feelings from reality in Very Well Mind 

Anna Shvets

Realize that our thoughts and feelings should be cycled through our logical and sensing centers. We need to question them, we need to determine their truth value, and from there we should respond. Otherwise, (and sadly) we are often left simply reacting to the impressions we receive and create emotionally and mentally ourselves. 

3.Negative-to-Neutral & Negative-to-Positive

When experiencing distressing and negative thoughts, is the solution to just automatically filter the world with rose tinted glasses? No! A huge emphatic, No.

The goal is to be able to first slide into a neutral frame of mind, to ask questions, to observe and to put us in a better position to move from negativity to a neutral center where we have greater options.


Pavel Tymofiiyk

It is then easier to move from negative to positive by seeing the bigger picture, by seeing how events might benefit us, by reframing things so that they benefit us and our growth. 

4.'All-Or-Nothing' Thinking & Black And White Thinking (The Seeds Of Self Sabotage)

One of the major cognitive distortions that people make that keeps them in a negative cycle is seeing their condition and solutions as ‘all or nothing’ or as black and white.

When people get into this frame, they fall into a binary light switch frame of mind. They see all darkness, and only one path towards light. They have limited their ability to reach their goals, to think in healthy and beneficial ways.

Polina Zimmerman

Who hasn’t done this before? For example, thinking “I will never be happy until _____.” Turning to these thoughts overarches a lot of factors in your situation , and often leads to a form of inertia that is difficult to escape.

This is why it’s important to move from ‘negative-to-neutral’ (as mentioned in point #3 above), and becoming more observant, or as Albert Ellis would say, “disputing our faulty beliefs is our biggest tool for getting out of all-or-nothing thinking.”

5.Mindfulness Is The Master Tool

Most of us are taught meditation as a singular act. We sit down, we breath, we count, we think about nothing, we sense, and then it is over.

Truthfully, practicing mindfulness is supposed to be a superhero skill that we develop and take into the world. Mindfulness doesn’t end when your meditation timer goes off.

The carryover from mindfulness to the real world is when we are in those stressful situations, when we are in a crisis, when those negative thoughts keep popping up, when we are being detrimentally self-critical that we can HALT those thoughts, recognize them, see that they are not benefiting us, see that we are doing a disservice and take a different path.

That is how real mindfulness works – to lead us to better decisions, better feeling, better thoughts and better outcomes. There are a tonne of articles on mindfulness, and different mindfulness methods. It doesn’t matter which one you practice, just start a practice that fits you, and learn how to conjure the meditative high awareness state when you are in the real world and dealing with whatever issues that might come.

Negative self-talk is a huge issue that cripples many people, but use the information shared in this article to overcome it!

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Stylin’ For A Cause – 7 Cutest Face Masks On Amazon Right Now

Stylin’ For A Great Cause

By Jen Strong


In an AccuWeather interview, Yale University doctor, Dr. Shan Soe-Lin stated people will need to wear masks until there is a vaccine – experts weigh-in for a 12-18 month timeline for that vaccine. 

In the spirit of promoting wearing a face mask during these difficult times, we found 7 of the cutest face masks selling on Amazon right now. 

It’s incredibly important to note that cloth/face masks do not do as well in protecting our health against COVID-19 like surgical masks – click here for more info on a McGill University study – it’s best to wear a surgical mask under these colorful masks. 

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