7 Valuable DON’TS When You’re Working From Home (Whether You Work From Home Regularly Or Because Of The Pandemic)

Working From Home

7 Valuable “Don’ts” When Working From Home So You Can Succeed Everyday

By J.Strong


It can take a lot of discipline to work from home since your attention can easily drift for many reasons! Here are 7 DON’TS to help you remain productive whether you work from home regularly, part-time, or during the pandemic. 

#1. Do Not Work On Your Sofa… Or In Your Bed, Wearing PJs

Ekaterina Bolovstova

The mental connection you make between work and an office setting, vs. your sofa or in your bed wearing PJs, can hinder your productivity. Even if you don’t have a separate office in your home, it’s best to maintain a designated office area or space that will help you focus. Better yet, make your coffee and put on a set of nice clothes, to enhance your work mentality and kick some serious butt!

#2.Don’t Just “Wing It” – Structure Your Day 

Working from home makes you in charge of your time management – meaning it’s best to have a daily calendar (e.g Google Calendar) and weekly planner/agenda reminding you of projects and tasks to complete. It’s so easy to switch gears and do house chores, exercise, or just answer personal emails; but before you know it, you can become too absorbed and waste a lot of your time.


#3. Don’t Forget To Set Rules/Boundaries With The People In Your Home

If you have roommates, parents, significant others, ect. living with you, communicate to them to be mindful of your work hours and office space. It’s quick and easy to start non-work related conversations just because you are home- leading to your productivity to suffer.

#4. Don’t Fall Down The Social Media Trap 

We all know what a detriment to your productivity social media can be. Take it a step further by removing visible social media buttons, tabs, or apps. There can be times where you don’t intend to spend so much time on social media, but can get sucked in easily – one minute you can be messaging an old friend on social media, and before you know it, the two of you are booking vacation flights. 


#5. Don’t Be A Wallflower – Overcommunicate 

Keep in touch and communicate with co-workers very very often; from communicating a task completion, availability, project questions, ensuring active work contribution, ect. As the old adage goes: “communication is key” – and in this case working from home means you can’t simply turn around to talk to your co-workers face-to-face, or over a coffee in the break room to discuss anything. Miscommunication hiccups can lead to bad work outcomes and mistakes; which can negatively impact your performance, and productivity if you need to repeat tasks to fix mistakes.

These are great apps to help with co-worker communication: Google Hangouts, FaceTime, LinkedIn Messenger and Skype. 

#6.Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

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Companies have breaks for a reason – and employees’ mental well-being is one of them. Don’t forget to schedule breaks where you can enjoy healthy snacks and meals, exercise and stretch, and even reach out to co-workers via video chat or email. It’s no secret that doing so leads to better overall work performance and productivity. 

#7.Don’t Harbour A Negative Mindset – Be Positive!

Working from home can cause you to feel lonely, anxious, and stressed. This can be especially true for extroverts and/or if you enjoy the company of others during work hours. Bad attitudes can affect your performance and productivity – from having angry tones in your email messages to finding excuses for waking up late. Find what works for you; you can fight this by playing upbeat music or have background noise from the TV (of coarse, these outlets should match your energy and help your productivity – not hinder it).

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